About Us


Nepal Realistic Solution (NRS) was established with a desire to bring a systematic change in Nepalese industry. Together, with the joint effort of our highly experienced team, we have changed the enterprise structure and reinvented how business is actually done to survive this highly competitive market. Today, the same entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive our culture of creativity, diversity and collaboration. We believe that together we can transform industries, grow economies, lift up societies and sustain our environment. And we believe that it’s the best-run businesses that make the world run better and improve people’s lives.

Our company is powered by technologies like the Internet of Things, Big Data and more, that make a real impact on the world. NRS helps companies revolutionize everything from a new start-up business to a successfully established corporate. We invest in research that helps companies to grow, and we’re passionate about sustainability and social responsibility.


To leverage our deep industry knowledge and strong collaborative values to address all aspects of our client’s challenges in order to strategically achieve their goals.


Nepal Realistic Solution is a management consulting firm which provides authentic and practical solutions to help businesses improve their performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things. We have worked with a number of clients both private and public sector to help develop their services and, where necessary, reduce costs and make savings.

Our experts at Nepal Realistic Solution will challenge what you think you know, push you to perform what you thought was impossible and help you to create opportunity and make use of the advantage in your business.

Management consultancy 99.9%
Human Capital 95%
Strategy and Operation 99%
Information Technology 99%


To be the go-to firm for innovative, customized and sustainable solutions for all management and technology related challenges.

What makes us different?

We are a boutique management and technology consulting firm based in Kumaripati, Nepal. We offer our clients practical and creative solutions to their complex business challenges. Our team of highly talented and dedicated professionals help leaders make informed decisions that drive sustainable growth.

Till date, we have been part of several local and global clients from all over the world. We have returning clients where they want our service because of our virtuous customer management practice. Our team of highly determined experts have an aptitude for client handling, listening, strategic planning, business analysis and team-building that are attractive to our clients

Our team has always been recognized as being relentlessly focused on breakthrough and enduring results. Whatever projects we are involved in, we create bold, innovative and pragmatically solution for the whole organization. Our team comprises of passionate, collaborative and straightforward people. We are known for working for our clients as if it were our own. Our uniquely effective way of working alongside our clients helps build your team’s capabilities in every step of the way. Last but not least, our attention to our client’s journey matters the most for us. We anticipate the risks, barriers and opportunities to make a transformation.

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