Comprehensive Accounting / Bookkeeping service in Nepal – Nepal Realistic Solution

Nepal Realistic Solutions manage, process and keep track of all aspects of the accounts of your company. We provide services for companies of all sizes (from small to medium to large) and individuals, our experience professional accountants are always available to help you with your accounting and tax related services. We serve businesses, governmental entities, not-for-profit organizations and individual clients, we work hard and long hours when our client need us.

NRS team consists of professional from chartered accountancy background with deep expertise regarding accounting system in Nepal, taxation in Nepal and VAT in Nepal. We helps our client to setup, design and comply with globally accepted accounting system. NRS professionals have industry knowledge and experience to provide proactive advice and support to clients on key accounting issues including audits and reviews, tax planning and preparation, bookkeeping, financial reporting, revenue recognition, financial statement presentation, capitalization etc.

Our services include:

Comprehensive Accounting / Bookkeeping service in Nepal

  1. Accounts record keeping
  2. Preparation of Financial Statement
  3. Bank Reconciliations
  4. Analysis and reporting of accounts and financial data
  5. Inventory and stock management
  6. Receivable account processing
  7. Payables account processing
  8. Supporting staffs in maintain accounting records
  9. Assistance in compliance of TAX and VAT

To lead in competitive market, strong financial information is a business need. To meet such need, NRS cater financial accounting service in Nepal where all the financial information is maintained which serve to make sensible financial and investment decision.

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