Consultation & Implementation

Nepal Realistic Solution delivers resolutions that are aligned to individual’s and businesses’ requirements. We provide consultation to complex organizational problems and assist in implementation aiming for long-term growth and sustainability. Our team of consultants, certified auditors, technicians, project managers are experts in their fields. Our services methodology begins with discovery workshops to identify high-level challenges, businesses, business drivers and desired business impact.

Due to globalization, there is an escalation in a competition where there is a need for companies to embark on heavy investments in infrastructure to gain a competitive advantage. The challenges arising out of this pertain to planning the strategy, justifying the upfront investment and measuring the effectiveness.

To counter this global issue, Nepal Realistic Solution plays a vital role in assessing and defining the company’s infrastructure and customer support roadmap. NRS team works with your team to conduct an objective assessment of the existing infrastructure and support strategy, identify gaps, recommend solutions in line with the company’s business goals and implement the processes for gaining optimum returns on the company’s investments.

Benefits of Consultation with Nepal Realistic Solution

We give you the opportunity for transformation. We have the skill sets, resources, processes and methodologies to fill the gaps in your organizations.
Significant savings in your part as a consequence of right-sizing the solution from our experts to your business problem.
Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience which we make sure will assist in the client’s project resulting in a sustainable growth meeting the objective.
Whatever project we are involved in, we make sure that the implementation phase runs as smoothly as possible.
Associating with us, you will have the advantage to empower business innovation, improve agility, lower costs through increased efficiencies, and ultimately build a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our experienced and capable consultants approach things with a solution orientation to ensure that our service supports your business needs. Some of our most common consultation and implementation services are;

Strategic and Business Planning


Quality Assurance and Testing

Strategic advice and project management

Change Management and Implementation

Business Development and Management Advisory

System management and administration

Application Development and Management

Data and Analytics

Organizational Redesign

Staff augmentation and managed services

Budgets, Financial and Impact Modelling

Initially, our management and IT experts provide a free assessment with a deeper insight into the issues. After that, the problems and challenges faced by the client are discussed to analyze the business and content to create solutions and assist the client in meeting their organizational goal. After intense research on the problems, challenges, and opportunities, a scope of work (SOW) is developed using expert knowledge. The SOW includes the background, work plan, and deliverable timeline, moving towards the contracting. Finally, the desired result according to the plan is delivered.

How Nepal Realistic Solution works for you!!!

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Book an appointment with our experts
Consultation service as per your requirement
Gap analysis conducted to understand your requirement
Implemented processes to improve the system of your company
Become stress-free while our experts work on your sustainability


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