NRS Events is one of the divisions of Nepal Realistic Solutions Pvt. Ltd, brought into operation with the objective to provide event management facilities to corporate houses.
We aims to provide excellent service

With the help of its expertise team in different fields.

NRS Event teams with its strong expertise and experience prioritizes the customer needs and works alongside the client in every step till completion to make the event successful. For any corporate needs, our team carefully crafts the idea and plans for the clients to provide a unique and beneficial experience.

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We treat each and every project with the same level of focus to details and attention, disregarding the size or scale of the event. NRS Events is proud to be a full service professional corporate planner and for connecting with many corporate clients.
NRS Events provides training management services to our clients as per their requirement.

We are expert in managing quality training and education to a variety of colleges, employers, industries and the general public. Our team of experts will help in conceptualizing, planning, executing and concluding your event. Our professional service aims to fulfill your goals and create an everlasting impression to your customers. Along with that NRS Events has education and training experts with whom you can consult on the individual, group, wing, department, and organizational levels, depending on enterprise needs.


NRS Events strongly believes in creating sustainable mediums (environmentally as well as systematically). Our team of experts can craft CSR activity proposals, carefully analyzing the impact it would create in the society. We plan, propose, act, implement and take feedback while we work on the project. Keeping the focus on giving back to society, we develop the proposal considering the brand of the company as well. We understand that CSR helps the company educate and celebrate through the event and it is very important to align brand values with the program. Similarly, we build the ideas in order to accommodate public relation benefits, team building exercises and icebreakers amongst the employees.


Whether it's any Nepal Festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Teej, etc. or any occasions in the company like jubilees, anniversaries, etc. NRS Event makes the moment more worthwhile and enjoyable. We help the company communicate such joyous actions within the company as well as with external members. We customize according to the clients need and assist in conveying messages to its stakeholders. Distributing merchandise, organizing social events, celebrating anniversaries and jubilees, etc. are all taken care of by NRS Events. Our team values customers' objectives and we use our full potential to deliver the service as promised.


There are many important events that a company needs to host. The hassle and tension to organize it alongside your regular work is really a tough work to balance. To help you with it, we recruit our research and planning teams to develop ideas that align with your company values and event objectives. We successfully organize your event from conception to completion and make sure everything runs smoothly. For any kind of event, we can customize and offer qualitative and best in the market products and services. Our experienced team members will be mobilized and will be closely supervising the event.


Seminars and conferences are organized by corporate houses to educate, inform and network with a group of audiences. As simple as it may sound, but the difficulty to arrange the venue, market the event, grab the audience and speakers, etc. is really troublesome. NRS Events with its experts in education and training can proudly assist in arranging all the training and seminar needs and maintaining the quality of the event. We work closely with our clients to determine the specific needs of the enterprise and collaboratively plan, design, develop, and implement learning strategies which are evaluated and measured from the beginning to the end.


These meetings which are held annually, bi-annually or at any time specified by the company can be a small internal meeting or a prestigious large scale business event. NRS Events will be able to organize the meetings as per the requirement of the company in any scale without any interruptions. With our team of industry experts, we create an efficient workflow system to cater the needs in time, without any delay.

Unique. Powerful. Creative.

Why Choose NRS Events?
  • A one stop solution for all your corporate needs. We have a wide range of services for all the corporate events and needs.
  • Expert professionals in different fields like IT, education and training, research, finance, management, strategy and so on.
  • We are very detail oriented organizers and we deliver our services with unique effect considering the needs of the clients.
  • Our experts have more than ten (10) years of experience to assist in the management of the events.
  • Availability of expert teams to consult and revise the event details.
  • We never compromise with quality and perfection in our work. We maintain the standard of our work with help of resources and expertise that we have.
  • Our enthusiastic team loves and enjoys what they do. Our passion and creativity gives better results to our work.
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