Human Resource Outsourcing Service

According to the research conducted by The Society Of Human Resource Management (SHRM), over half of all HR professionals have taken the advantage of outsourced HR. The reason for HR professionals to demanding for outsourcing is because of the benefits they attain of cost and time efficiencies. This is the opportunity costs for business owners and managers, who lose time and money focusing on HR tasks when these resources can be spent on what must be done to grow their business. That is, the time and money devoted to employee management are better spent by outsourcing HR.

Nepal Realistic Solution provides both partially or completely outsourcing services to the companies. The following are some of the services of HR outsourcing;

 Background Screening

 Payroll Services

 Risk Management

 Temporary Staffing

 Employee Assistance/ Counselling

  Health Care Benefits

 Safety Management

 Retirement Planning

 Performance Management

 Drug Screening

 Stress-free Human Resource and Administrative Processes


 Accounting and Financial Services

When a client approaches us, we first understand their requirement. Then we conduct a gap analysis to further understand what the issue is in the operation of the organization. After critical analysis and evaluation, the experts strategize and provide a report to the client. When the report is accepted by both the parties, the experts work carefully to design and implement the system. Ultimately, Nepal Realistic Solution works diligently for the sustainable growth of our client’s business.

How Nepal Realistic Solution works for you!!!

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Implemented processes to improve the system of your company
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