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Nepal Realistic Solution is a modern consultancy firm which believes that one-size-fits-all does not exist in the real business world, especially when it comes to HR services. We work with you hand in hand and comprehend your challenges resulting to offer the most realistic and sustainable solution for you and your organization.

NRS is one of the most trusted HR recruitment companies with a unique focus on human resources staffing, search and consulting. We have experts who can understand your deepest and biggest HR challenges to delivering exceptional talent, where we help to drive smarter HR decisions and better business results.

We are a bridge between the potential job seeker and the company looking to recruit the individual. We work towards benefitting both the parties as much as possible. We have a pool of highly qualified and experienced candidates looking for a job. In addition, we also have recognized companies from different industries looking to hire talents from different backgrounds.

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How Nepal Realistic Solution works for you if you are looking for candidates to hire?

Start with a consultation.
Discuss your requirements and challenges with us.
Carefully screened and qualified candidates based on their experiences specified to your needs will be provided to you.
We remove your headaches.
The selected team member gets to work helping your organization to achieve its goal.
We follow up regularly to ensure the placed employee continues to exceed your expectations.

How Nepal Realistic Solution works for you if you are looking for a job or an internship?

Start with a consultation
Discuss your requirements and challenges with us
Drop your CV and attain other personal development training and professional management/technical training
We remove your headaches
You are then ready to start with the company of your choice.
We follow up regularly to ensure the placed organization continues to exceed your expectations
Financial Management

Our services cater to the needs of our clients’ as per their requirement. We provide all sort of recruitment services like for long or short term, permanent or temporary employment, freelancing, part-time or full-time. Our dedicated and experienced recruitment company team will not only be able to meet your expectation but also to exceed it exceptionally.

If you are ready to be swept off your feet then here are some of the Human Resource Recruitment Services that Nepal Realistic Solution provides;

 HR Contact Staffing

 HR Direct Hire Placement

 HR Executive Search

 Job Consultation Service

 Aptitude Assessments

 Recruitment Training Service

 Recruitment Consultancy

 Supplementary Staffing

 Screen Interview Service

 Job posting facility and consultation

How Nepal Realistic Solution works for you!!!

Start with a Consultation
Build the Team
We Implement Systems
We Remove Your Headaches
You Reap the Rewards


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