National and International Internship

What is an Internship?

An internship provides one of the best learning exposure a student needs which helps to develop new skills and practical work experience. It provides the students to add value to their interested field. It provides hands-on experience to students and makes them industry ready.

What Is It Like To Work As An Intern In Nepal?

Nepal is one of the developing countries in the world. There is an immense amount of work to be done to bring the county to sustainable development. Hence, doors are opened for a wide range of opportunities in different sectors like Health, Hospitality, Education, IT & Engineering and Social Service etc. The Government is keen to develop the country and has introduced various projects. Interning in Nepal will enable you to learn local culture and gain knowledge on local and global issues and make a difference in society. An opportunity to work closely with clients will help to understand the ground realities. A country with rich heritage, culture and people here in Nepal are heart-warming and welcoming.

Why choose Nepal Realistic Solution for Internship?

Nepal Realistic Solution is one of the leading management consulting firms. Our highly experienced teams in a diverse sector are subject matter experts in their respective areas. A team with ideas, passion and to provide the best results has led to being the top choice of different clients. An internship in Nepal Realistic Solution will be a great learning experience with excellent work culture under expert team. The enabling work environment, extensive research in a chosen field, opportunity to work on projects, practical work experience, public speaking, develop interpersonal and communication skills will boost the confidence of the individual. We provide a platform to work with different industries and gain practical knowledge. The experience gained will definitely add value and put your step closer of a dream career. As our clients are based in different regions you will have the opportunity to travel and work together.

We are associated with different clients nationally and internationally. Following is the list.

Marketing and advertising industry.
Media and publication industry.
Agriculture industry.
Software industry.
Education industry.

Energy industry.
Construction industry.
Financial service industry.
Hospitality industry.
Manufacturing industry.

Food industry.
Telecommunication industry.
Transport industry.
Water industry.
Aviation industry.

Eligibility Criteria

Nepal Realistic Solution hosts both undergraduate and graduates for an internship program. Our programs are committed for the professional and personal development of students/interns. Our programs are targeted at providing students with a unique internship experience, while constantly supervised by a team of skilled professionals.

Students must be at least 18 years old at the time of participation of the program.
Applicants must have completed their first year of undergraduate and graduate program.
Priority will be given to students with the management field; we do consider students from other areas as well.
Students with previous work experience are added advantage.

Internship opportunities

Nepal Realistic solution has a strong network with different industries in Nepal. Our interns will have exposure and knowledge from the industry experts. The programs designed provide the best pathway to students in shaping the future career. We are associated with different National and International companies and you will have the opportunity to work with them.

Time scale of our Internship

We offer internship for a minimum three months period. For the first month we provide orientation about the company, work culture, policies, Nepalese ethics and culture etc. and second month is based on extensive research in chosen field.

Third month is project based learning.

Work and Travel

It’s always fun to travel and work. As our clients are spread in different geographical regions we need to travel and work collectively. You will have the opportunity to visit different places and get know-how. Going to the client’s location and analyze their work will provide you with the industry exposure which puts you distinct in the market.

Internships/ Trainings

We specialize in management related training and workshops, Presentation and communication skills, Team building and leadership. You will kick start your internship with a training week designed to teach you the fundamentals along with orientation and you will be paired with a peer mentor to help ensure you are well supported.

Visa Process

International Interns are required to obtain a Tourist visa before departing Nepal. We also assist in getting the visa for the students selected for our Internship program. You can contact the local Nepalese embassy to learn more about the proper steps to be followed when obtaining a visa. Kindly follow the link for any queries

Our Interns

We have students involved in the internship program from Nepal and other foreign nationals. Students from diverse areas like Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, IT, Accounts and Administration, Management etc. You will get the experience to work in a diverse culture and gain knowledge of Nepalese society.

Application Procedure

Fill up the Application Form.

Applicant is required to fill all the details correctly in the application form.

Documentation Process.

NRS provides guidelines to applicants for the documents required for further processing.


NRS conducts interview for the selected applicants.

Confirmation Email.

Shortlisted students will be informed via Email.

Interested to join us?

Kindly Fill the below details and we will contact you accordingly.


Each applicant is considered by the information they provide on the application. If further information is required, applicants will be emailed.

The Internship opportunities are available in Management, HR, Finance, Marketing, IT, Accounts and Administration etc.

Climatic conditions of Nepal vary from one place to another in accordance with their geographical features. May and start of June is the hottest time of the year and temperature in Kathmandu often reaches as high as 30C and in some places it can rise up to 45C. During winter temperatures can still be as high as 20C but beware of freezing conditions during night.

Kindly provide us your flight information so that our representative can pick up.

Yes, you can plan your travel as per below.

Internship Program No. of days
0-3 Months 10 Days
3-9 Months 20 Days
More than 9 Months 40 Days

We do assist our students in getting the affordable accommodation. Keeping in mind the location easily accessible to NRS and other parts of the city.


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