Make your Employee Happy- Employees can be your Greatest Asset

Success is something what every business organization thrive for. Huge profit, extended customer base, large market coverage etc. are the main indicators of the success of the organization. It is easy to talk about success but a tough job to achieve it. So how can be success achieved? Like the above quote says, the first step of success is to make the employees happy. Happy employees deliver their best effort in the organization.


The success of any business is always leveraged by the good performance of the employees. The goal of every organization is effective and efficient achievement of its mission and vision and it can done easily only if employees are happy and satisfied. Studies have shown that employee happiness and job satisfaction are generally resulted to more productive, engaged and loyal to their organization which increases the business profit.

The main assets of any organization are their talented, passionate and committed employees but it does not take more time to turn these assets into liabilities. Imagine a situation when half of the employees are absent and workplace activities are stopped because of high absenteeism followed by unhappy and dissatisfied employees. It is the most awful and critical situation for any company. So it is very necessary to make a special concern about employee satisfaction at workplace.

Nepal Realistic Solution is a boutique management and technology consulting firm. Being a service-oriented company, the company regards its human resource as the prime asset. It believes that employees are the heart of any business without whom no organization can function properly and places the prime focus in achieving employee satisfaction and commitment at workplace. The company is not ignorant to the fact that happy employees leads to the successful company regardless the type, size and nature of business of the organization. Hence, NRS also focuses on employee satisfaction while designing any of the human resource consulting services to its client.

NRS regards the following factors as a gateway to happy, satisfied and committed employees:


Flexibility in the workplace bridge the gap to balance the work and non -work responsibilities. Flexible work schedules help the employees to maintain the work life balance.

Effective Communication

Open and honest communication reduces the chance of errors in the workplace. Proper communication between top, middle and lower level employees help to get the work done effectively and timely.

Growth Opportunities

Employees are demotivated when they are provided with dead end jobs. To motivate and encourage high level of engagement, employers should offer career growth opportunities. Nepal Realistic Solution encourage the growth opportunities for by providing the employees with challenging jobs, internal mentorship program, trainings, opportunity to learn new and better ways to meet aims etc.

Health and Safety

Workplace Health and safety is concerned with protecting the stakeholders from the risk and vulnerabilities resulting from the workplace activities. Nepal Realistic Solution provide the employees with Anti-harassment policy, Health sanitation and safety policy, etc. to protect its employees from various workplace risks.

Respect to employees

Another logic to make the employee happy is giving respect to employees. Caring and valuing the employees help to make fell them distinctive than others so that they are more motivated and show their more devotion and commitment to the organization.

Consistent Feedback

Providing consistent feedback opens up communication between employees and managers. Employees gain a better understanding of where they are succeeding and what requires more to succeed, understanding of insight of office dynamics and daily work flow of organization.


Building the trust with employees can be the option for making the employees happy. Trust and accountability are vital assets in a business. Employees want to feel appreciated and respected, but they also want to trust that their jobs will be there when they come to the office.

These are the basic factors that promote employees’ satisfaction. In addition to these, there may be several other factors that lead to happy workplace, which one to be focused more depends on the type of work, level of employees, situation of workplace and so on. Every manager should be capable of identifying these factors because secret to successful organization is happy customers; only loyal employees can make their customers happy; and loyalty of employees is the result of happiness and satisfaction of employees at workplace. Happy workplace not only helps in retention of employees and solves the problem of absenteeism; it increases the overall productivity of the organization. Happy employees are more innovative and creative and work with extra zeal and energy. Happy employees have more optimistic attitude, they can work better which creates a positive and productive atmosphere at the workplace.

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