Management Consulting 1O1: What is holding back Entrance in Foreign Countries

Ineligible admissions (In-ad) occur when destination authorities refuse to let travelers enter their country upon their arrival because of a number of reasons. To do this research, we tried to use both primary and secondary sources to get the optimum result. When we conducted a thorough research through the secondary sources, we came to realize that it was not possible because of the lack of data in websites. Nepal is still progressing in the field of statistical data and that is probably one of the reasons why the required data was unavailable. So, we selected a few websites and found all the contact details of various airline corporations to use it as a semi-primary source for our research. After trying to contact each and every company, we realized that many of the airline companies either do not exist anymore or are hard to locate. Although it was a difficult process, a few of the airlines did reach out to us but sadly, even they did not seem to know all the accurate data that we needed. So, we decided to visit the organizations and get all our facts and figures straight. After meeting the airport managers of all the airline companies, we came to a certain conclusion of the research as the data provided by them was valid and to the point. As pointed out by them, there are a number of reasons why an Inadmissible (In-ad) takes place. They are:

Duplicate documentations: Most of the times, imposters or people who want to illegally travel to a foreign country for their own gains enter the premises of the airport and somehow make their way through the immigrations. Their duplicate visas and documents are checked by the foreign immigration staff and they are sent back to their host country on the very next flight the minute they are caught.

Black-listed: When people go to middle-eastern countries or even east-Asian countries like Dubai or Malaysia, they issue a labor visa. Sometimes, these people overstay in the country that they’re working in. After their visa expires, the foreign country expects them to return back to their country but they fail to do so. In such cases, the people are black-listed by the foreign countries. When these people go back to the country in hopes that their visas are valid, they are referred as ineligible to enter the country and are sent back.

Awareness of local laws: Most passengers who are termed as “ineligible” to enter a foreign country do not really look up the travel laws of the country that they want to visit. They need to be aware about the laws and customs of the foreign country while travelling. The passenger should not use any equipments or substances that are a threat to the morals and ideals of the country that they’re travelling to.

Human error: Many of the times, slight overlook in human negligence is responsible for an Inadmissible occurrence. When the immigration or GHA (Ground Handling Association) staff do not do their work well or do not take the process of immigration seriously, it could cause problems. The staffs being human also cause a few overlooking of documentation which later on leads to the foreign immigration to take up such actions.

Proper documentations: Sometimes, even when a person has all the correct documents with them, there is a chance of an Inadmissible occurrence. When a passenger’s document doesn’t have a proper seal of the government or a seal from their employer, it causes suspicions to arise which then leads to them being sent back to their country again.

Job seeking: Sometimes, people travelling to a foreign country are also looking to be hired by someone in that country. This is illegal and can lead to another inadmissible case.

Issuance date: Some passengers have all the correct documentations and yet their visa’s issuance date is not as early as their ticketing dates. This causes many passengers to reach the airport before their visa is even valid. Somehow through negligence of the airport staff, these people reach the foreign destination but get sent back and are termed as “Ineligible”.

These were a few of the most frequently occurring cases that have been seen by the airline corporations from January, 2018 to June, 2018. But there can be a few preventive measures taken up to reduce this problem. Every passenger’s case needs to be clearly investigated by the airport staff before their departure. Also if there is a regular negligence by a staff, corrective actions must be taken by the supervisors. All the necessary seals and stamps must be thoroughly checked by the staff during the document handling procedure. If a case seems too shady, a supervisor must be contacted immediately to avoid another Inadmissible case. If there are any recent documentation changes made by the government of either country, the airport must be updated about this immediately. To correct such problems, each staff at the GHA must be properly trained and suited for the circumstances that may arrive in the future.

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