Successfull Presentation

A Presentation in not PowerPoint, you are the presentation.

Before you begin – set the rules

Welcome your audience. Introduce yourself/your team and the topic.Indicate how long the presentation will take.Confirm if you will be offering a question time –during the presentation or at the end.Hand-outs – are you providing hand-outs/when will you distribute them?

What can go wrong?

Delivery was poor. Lack of structure. Visual aids were illegible or distracting. Poor time management. Negative body language. Hand outs distracted the audience’s attention. Questions were badly handled.



What makes an effective speaker?

Control of information. The voice used. The right words. Use of body language. Prompts, scripts and notes. The right location. Useful and meaningful visual aids.

Effective Presentation

  • Great Content.
  • Eye – Catching Design.
  • Effective Delivery.

Content Should Be

  • Clear
  • Simple
  • Progressive
  • Consistent

What is presentation Design and How?

  • Should be simple.
  • Should contain less point per slide
  • Should contain less font style and less colour
  • No clip art
  • Less text more meaning

Delivery Should Consider

  • Voice and Volume
  • Physical appereance
  • Facial expression
  • Eye contact
  • General body movement

Voice and Volume

  • Soft & Effective
  • Pronunciation
  • Don’t talk flat
  • No vocal filler
  • Use pause
  • Change your volume according to need

Physical Appearance

  • Dress Formally
  • Look Interested
  • Maintain a exterior

Facial Expression

Make sure your expression are natural and comfortable

Good Eye Contact

  • Keep Eye contact
  • Make sure that you are trying to make them understand

Three is a Magic Number

The human brain seems to absorb and remember information more effectively when it is presented in threes


  • Get ready to be flexible you have to face the questions.
  • It will never work completely for the first time.
  • Trust me.Rehearse Rehearse and Rehearse.
  • If you fail to prepare you’re prepared to fail
  • .Winner continues losers stops.


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