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Support Start-Up Program

NRS’s Support Start-Up program has been designed with a vision of providing business opportunities to the enthusiastic start-ups of Nepal. Valuing the importance of mentorship and consultation, NRS aims to help start-ups move in the direction of a stable and sustainable future by creating systematic progress within the company.

With the support of the Nepal Realistic Solution’s accomplished team of business consultants,

start-ups move towards sustainable growth by understanding its growth requirements and overcoming business barriers Once enrolled, start-ups are thoroughly assessed by the experts, helping the start-ups get a clear picture of the company’s current position and the way forward. Not only will it clear the start-up’s future path, this program will also bring investment and business exchange opportunities.

Support from Nepal Realistic Solution

There is no doubt that the spirit of entrepreneurship has risen tremendously in Nepal. Providing us passionate leaders who are implementing their wonderfully sustainable and impactful ideas, however, NRS also understands the hard circumstances of Nepal’s harsh economy in which start-ups go through to maintain their business values and operations. To award noteworthy start-ups, ‘NRS Support Start-Up’ offers advanced opportunities to help companies gain global recognition, marketing support, business analysis, investment opportunities and many more.

Our experienced consultants shall analyze the start-ups and provide reports to understand the company’s performance. The companies will receive a customized guidance manual for their businesses based on the analysis. The program will focus on various major cities of Nepal such as Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Butwal. Exclusive opportunities are available for the winners of this program as well.

NRS Startup
Provide consulting services to the start-ups for better management in their company. This is a chance for us to get a thorough understanding of the start-up and assess the current business in order to identify the help required from NRS.
Increase reach of the start-up via promotional activities. This shall be completed through the creation and distribution of our magazine as you shall be given an opportunity to give insight on your start-up to receive nationwide attention.
Provide investment opportunities for the investors as well as the start-ups. Connecting investors and sponsors with start-ups shall spark a long-term and profitable relationship. Investors can tailor to your changing needs and fit to your financial circumstance.
Promoting the sponsor brands in the campaign shall help the sponsor companies reach a wider audience. Associated with the right sponsor shall help start-ups reach goals and build a positive reputation.
Provide a support mechanism to upgrade the status of start-ups. NRS shall support the start-ups by offering them an opportunity to feature in their magazine which shall market their start-up to a wide audience. The report/guidance manual that the start-ups receive shall indicate risks and barriers that the start-up could face but also provide solutions. We can be easily contacted and are here to assist with many business needs.




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Assessment Process


Expert's Involvement
Nepal Realistic Solution
Startup Process
Registration Process

Fill out registration form online and enclose appropriate documents. Click the following link to register :

Assessment Process

NRS consultants will conduct an assessment on your start-up and provide a business analysis report.

Guideline Preparation

Based on your business analysis report, a customized guideline manual will be prepared for your company’s operation and up-gradation.

Certification Review

For going through the assessment and analysis process and receiving a guideline, your start-up will receive a certification from a certified person to review the small and medium sized business.

Start-Up Profile

The profile of the start-up will be featured in a NRS published magazine focused on start-ups, giving mileage and recognition to the company. The feature shall include Company Logo, Product Image, 250 – 400 words write-up about the start-up.

Why Nepal Realistic Solution?

Nepal Realistic Solution is one of the best and leading Management Consulting firm in Nepal

  • NRS offers more than 10 crucial services and unlimited customized services under the same roof.
  • NRS has already served more than 3500+ services and has expertise in consulting with almost all the
    business sectors companies.
  • NRS team members hold more than average of 8 years of experience in consulting industry years of experience.
Support Start-Up 2021
Winners Will Get
ISO 9001 is the globally recognised quality management standard established by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO). Whether a large or small organisation, ISO 9001 establishes a Quality Management System (QMS) which helps you to provide clear and repeatable processes to maintain a quality service for customers every time. This shall assist in increasing productivity and competitiveness as well as win new customers and save money.
Digital Marketing is the promotion of your brand to potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication including: email, social media and web-based adverts.
NRS is one of the most trusted HR recruitment companies, we are the bridge between the potential job seeker and your startup looking to recruit 3 individuals. Seeking to benefit both parties, we have a pool of highly qualified and experienced candidates looking for work. We shall establish your requirements for employees and work closely with you in order to find the best individual to meet the requirements set by you.
Start-Up Criteria

In order to enrol on to our program we ask for the following criteria to be met by your start-up:

Company Registration

Your start-up must have Company Registration or Org. Registration from any local government body.

Business Operation

Your start-up must have completed 6 months of operation and a maximum of 3 years.

Employee Strength

Your start-up must have at least 3 employees.

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