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Nepal Realistic Solution (NRS) was established with a desire to bring a systematic change in Nepalese industry. Together, with the  joint effort of our highly experienced team, we have changed the enterprise structure and reinvented how business is actually done to survive this highly competitive market. Today, the same entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive our culture of creativity, diversity and collaboration. We believe that together we can transform industries, grow economics, lift up societies and sustain our environment. And we believe that it’s the best-run businesses that make the world run better and improve people’s lives.



Over the last ten years, Human Resources Management has evolved dramatically with an increasing need for improvement.

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Research And Development

Are you curious about your organization’s potential, scalability, and opportunities? Nepal Realistic Solution will research your market…

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Education And Training

Nepal Realistic Solution is the definition of exceptionally endowed training consultants…

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Accounting and Financial

Gain the expertise from our experts and get professional help for your business to thrive for success.

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Consultation And Implementation

Nepal Realistic Solution delivers resolutions that are aligned to individual’s and businesses’ requirements.

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ISO Standard Certification

Add credibility to your organization demonstrating that your products or services meet the expectations of your customers.

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We work in a process called ‘PDCA’ which addresses the various dimensions contributing to realizing the full potential of an organization. PDCA stands for ‘Plan, Do, Check and Act’.

There are many reasons one hires a consultant. The most common requirement for a consultant is when an organization needs: temporary assistance, objective review, opportunity identification & resolution, surviving a crisis, initiating change, selecting key personnel, conflict resolution, executive assistance, government regulatory assistance and while managing socio-economic/ political changes.

We conduct our training programmes at our/your premises. A training certificate holds an international associates companies logos as well.

We provide Free Initial Assessment to our potential clients. This helps us in going through your expectations and what direction you need to take.

o Eliminate: what doesn’t contribute to the results or hold any necessity?
o Minimize: things that are necessary but do not significantly impact the results.
o Maintain: which already is existing and working, Implement changes and approaches needed for the progression of the defined process.
o Improve/Develop: things that are already in place or neglected, deliver a clear message and measurable results leading to achievement in the overall goal.
o Add: adding new elements to the processes and lead to the achievement of the breakthrough results and to maintain a positive sustainable development

Yes, but it’s like going to the gym, everyone knows they should be able to. However very few actually go. It’s because they need a personal trainer or something to help you ensure it gets done and that you do it in the right way, with the right expectations and targets.

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