ISO Standard Certification

Add credibility to your organization demonstrating that your products or services meet the expectations of your customers.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) was founded on 23rd Feb 1947, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It was developed by 250 committees more than 22623 International standards covering almost every industry from technology to food safety, agriculture & health care.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international body that promotes global standardization specifications and requirements materials, products, procedures, formats, information and quality management. ISO certification verifies that a management system, manufacturing process, service or documentation procedure has met all the requirements for standardization and quality affirmation. It is virtually in all sorts of industries; which includes large, multi-site, multinationals, small and local businesses.

ISO Certification requires maintaining standards in different areas of the organization. It has proven not only to improve performance and reduce risk but also improve customer satisfaction and corporate image. NRS has associations with international organizations which helps us certify organizations on the basis of ISO over the globe.

Nepal Realistic Solution has established a successful partnership with a number of international certifying bodies based in Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, India and many more. NRS plays a role of the bridge connecting the client and the certifying body. We provide consultancy service regarding ISO certification. In addition, we also prepare the documents for your organization as per the ISO requirement. Our work does not just end here, we then help your organization to stay in the system and work efficiently satisfying the needs and expectations of different stakeholders of your organization.

We have a team of experienced management lead auditors, who have experience in auditing for more than a dozen companies. We tailor services to meet the specific needs of different organizations and offer the advantage of a single point of contact. Our ISO certification service works something like this, where our auditors work hard to fulfil your needs and expectations.

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