Bandana K.CHR Department

Bandana K.C

Learning, as I believe is a lifelong process where excellence in any phase of life can be achieved with hard work, determination and dedication. Academic course was not enough for me to learn and to improve my weak managerial skills, I fell the importance of internship. My internship experience at NRS has taught me more that I have imagined. As a management student, it is very important to learn about time management skills, the first thing that I have learnt is time management and work ethics. HR intern covered a wide variety of different areas within HR department, reparation of job descriptions, different human resource department forms, human resource manual and many others. Thanks to NRS team for this amazing internship experience. In this 3 months, it helps me to enhance my interpersonal skills and to gain more confidence in my decision. This learning opportunity has better prepared me for future career.

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