Management Consulting Organization great exposure for Internship.

Whether you are a student or professional looking for a job, it is apparent to all of us that the job market is a competitive one – especially a rough learning curve for students, recent graduates or those that have been away from the job market.

Imagine spending 4 years at University or College then settling for a job you are not happy with? Many of us will want to jump into a full-time job immediately after graduation, even before we have decided what we really want to do with our lives because it is the compelling thing to do. Arguably, the easier option for most students. It seems no one wants to consider other alternatives or what opportunities might be out there aside from getting a full-time job.

You should consider taking up an internship either during your studies or right after your graduation. Internships are one of the most practical ways to focus on your career growth and encourage personal development whilst building on your CV at the same time. You get first-hand exposure working in the real world. Although this might sound daunting and frightening, you do not get “thrown in with the wolves”. As an intern, companies provide a learning curve for you. You get exposed to new environments, new people, new surrounds; and sometimes even new cultures. You have the opportunity to integrate your classroom knowledge in a more practical and controlled environment. You definitely will not be stuck running around doing errands for the company staff like making photocopies or making tea, you will instead partake in the everyday running of the business.

If you are choosing Nepal Realistic Solution, Management Consulting Organization for an internship, you will receive orientation of the company and what an everyday business day looks like on your first day. You will get assigned a supervisor who you will shadow throughout your time there. However, depending on your internship, you could be sent to a new department each week or every other week where you will be assigned a new supervisor whom you will learn from. You will unlikely contribute much in meetings with clients, nonetheless you will be expected sit-in in those meetings, take notes, work on tasks in that regard to the meetings and other daily operations. At the end of each meeting, working day or week, you will be expected to report back to your supervisor with questions and an overview of what you have learned.

Right! Applying for internship is like applying for any other job. However, recruiters understand that internship applicants have less experience to draw upon but are still as dedicated and as willing to learn as any other applying candidate. Aside from the traditional CV/Resume and Cover letter application form, most internships use the online application method which include Aptitude tests; such as Competency-based and Strength-based questions, Numerical reasoning and Psychometric tests before any face-to-face interviews or assessment centres.

These tests are not designed to trap you, rather for the recruiter to determine whether or not you fit the hiring criteria or are a good match for the job. These tests can prove to be tricky if you have not completed one before. Which is why Nepal Realistic Solution would advise that before you take the test for the company that you are applying for, practice these tests and take advantage of the free online Aptitude tests available to you so that you know what to expect.

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