Avail ISO certification in Occupational health and safety


No workplace is free from risk. It can be prevented or minimized through necessary controls. The safety of workplace is vital for effective productivity and efficiency. In any organization the employer must be able to provide the safe working environment. It’s the responsibility of Government, employer and employees to ensure the occupational safety and health of workers. Employer must be aware of safety measures and use the appropriate measures to prevent. Government must intervene and ensure safety measures are maintained across the board.


Situation in Nepal

In recent years we have seen rapid economic development in our country Nepal. The employers must be ready to provide and invest in technology and occupational health and safety (OH&S). The concept of OH&S is new in Nepal. Many of us are unaware of its importance and its impact can be huge in unexpected situations. Manufacturing sector, hotel, tourism and construction are important source of non-farm employment. Industrial sector has more occupational hazards due to its inherent process, material and product. These hazards pose risk to safety of workers. Safe and hazard free work environment lead to effective productivity and efficiency. OH&S is one of the major issues directly related to worker’s rights.

The OH&S in Nepal has been improving over the time because government as well as trade unions has been conducting OH&S related training programs.ILO is an international labor organization working for the welfare of working mass. The institution has adopted various recommendations related to health and safety of workers Labor union in Nepal is largely guided by political interest and act according to their political organizations. Trade unions have to cooperate with employers and management to implement the programs that help to minimize or prevent risk at workplace.


Healthy work environment

Every employer wants to get most production possible from its employees. In order to achieve this goal there are modifications required in workplace setting like light, temperature,furnishings and comfort of employees etc. A healthy, motivated and happy workforce is fundamental to the future socio-economic wellbeing of any nation. A healthy work life balance is very important for any individual. The working environment must be open so that employees don’t hesitate to raise their concerns. There should be provision of medical facilities and compensation. A satisfied employee adds more value to the firm.

The organization should keep the employees informed about emergency help line numbers. The organization should provide friendly environment to work. Organization should conduct awareness programs related to OH&S and make workers aware of the possible accidents and diseases.

Nepal Realistic Solution brings Health and safety standard which benefit any organization that choose to implement. If you have a workforce of 5 or 500 then OH&S 18001 will benefit you immediately. The purpose of the management system is to put the focus on the employees and ensure best practices are being implemented. Effectively implementing the standard results in a safer working environment for your workforce.


Benefits of certification (OH&S 18001)

  • Competitive advantage
  • Provide the best working conditions to workers
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Identification of hazards and eliminate where ever possible
  • Boosting the credibility


Why Certification?

This certification ensures that organization runs its business using international standards. Certification will add value to your company. Nepal Realistic Solution will identify the risk associated with your business and help to provide customized service. Our valuable resource person will help to understand and formulate to implement in most effective manner. Nepal Realistic Solution experts will share their knowledge and experience with ISO standards which will definitely boost your firm’s goodwill.

Don’t wait get an ISO certification.

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